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I offer clinical supervision to groups and individuals - including psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and hypnotherapists.  I incorporate a wide spectrum of therapeutic modalities and spiritual theories.  Those used will depend on how you work, where you work and what you need from me as your supervisor.

My aim is to help you develop your own style, with your own unique approaches and perspectives to enhance the service you provide for your clients.  I tailor the approach to you as an individual and I ensure that my supervision method matches the content of your clinical practice.  I assess skills on an on-going basis and we evaluate outcomes, together, regularly. I work with transference and counter-transference issues, and support you to work with concerns that may be triggered by your own history and development.

I work with a broad range of mental health professionals, including those who:

  • work in private and public settings
  • work with individuals, groups, couples and families
  • have recently graduated and are setting up and building their practice
  • offer spiritual regression therapy (Past Life Regression and Life Between Life Therapy)

I seek to understand my supervisees in both their personal and professional contexts, and work to develop a relationship in which both individual goals and professional development can be achieved.

I am available for both face-to-face and telephone/Skype consultations.

I’d like to support you. 

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