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Have you ever wondered:

  • Why am I here?  What is my purpose?
  • What are my soul lessons?
  • Who is my Spirit Guide?  Who is my soul mate?
  • Why do I choose both the difficult and the loving relationships in this life?
  • Why do I have the challenges I face emotionally, in my physical health or spiritually?

It is an integral part of our human design to yearn, to know who we truly are, to strive, to evolve in consciousness and to expand to a larger context of why we live or die.  Spiritual Regression Therapy helps you find answers to these questions and brings healing, clarity and a deep sense of meaning and purpose to your life.

The potential for Spiritual Regression Therapy is limitless.

Past Life Regression  The belief in reincarnation dates back as far as 4000BC and is spoken of daily on television shows such as Oprah, on the radio and in print media - it is an incredibly powerful therapy that uses relaxation techniques and guided imagery to consciously dive into your unconscious mind.

In a Past Life Regression session, I guide you into a deep state of hypnosis where you can journey to early, forgotten memories. You can go backwards and forward in time, like rewinding a movie, gathering information as you go. It is like being in a lucid dream but you are awake and in control throughout the experience. 

You may feel drawn to Past Life Regression Therapy out of curiosity to find out if there is more than this one life.  You may want to address a particular issue or want answers to questions you have pondered for a long time. 

Past Life Regression Therapy can help you achieve beneficial outcomes in areas of your life you may have struggled with for a long time - you may be coping with chronic pain or health issues or you may want to free yourself from a phobia or belief that is limiting your life. 

The challenging aspects of your life can be more deeply explored through Spiritual Regression Therapy.  Often these very things can more easily be understood as part of your spiritual path.  Achieving an understanding of the lesson within the struggle holds an incredible potential for growth and healing. 

Fears, habits, phobias, wealth and health issues can be anchored in your past.  These can create inner conflicts and health problems in this lifetime.  Once cleared, problems often disappear as healing and growth occurs. You can also gain or bring back skills from other times that will serve you better. You may discover, clarify or clear any soul agreements previously made that no longer serve you. 

Life Between Lives Therapy is a deeply profound exploration of the soul’s journey. It provides a fascinating and enriching experience, that brings greater clarity, perspective and understanding.

It is similar to Past Life Regression but takes you to a deeper, super-conscious level where you can access soul  memories. It focuses on re-experiencing the soul-state in the spirit realm and it provides a powerful path to enhance your soul awareness and spiritual connection. 

It was pioneered by Dr Michael Newton, a behavioural psychologist, in an exhaustive 30 year study of more than 7000 cases.  He found that his clients, regardless of background or beliefs, had similar experiences when taken into a deep hypnotic regression to a time before their current life.  Though Dr Newton was at first sceptical, his observation of clients taught him about a realm that many refer to as home.  “What a powerful discovery!” he said in one of his interviews: “It is incredible what you can do in Life Between Lives, in two to three hours, that psychotherapy cannot do in three years.”

Some of the benefits of Life Between Lives Therapy include:

  • Incredible opportunities for learning and healing.
  • Renewing your determination to fulfil your soul’s purpose
  • An expanded sense of meaning
  • Understanding of why you chose your current life
  • Greater clarity and resilience in the face of life’s challenges  
  • Recognising your unique contribution to the world - your special gifts
  • Connection with your Spirit Guide
  • Soul Directed Guidance
  • Knowledge of your Soul Group and Soul Mates
  • Knowledge of your true soul nature
  • Enhanced relationships

I would like to support you on your spiritual journey.

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