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“To be able to shape your future, you have to be able to change your paradigm.” (Joel Barker, author)

A paradigm is a pattern, or model, on which we define our lives. Throughout our development we received unconscious programming from our parents, schooling and community; each of us has created a core paradigm. It consists of distinct concepts, beliefs and thought patterns which create a discipline for our lives. This forms the basis of our habitual behaviours and for how we respond to the world, as it provides a model of the problems and solutions we recognise or adhere to.

Our core paradigm can simultaneously be the source of our unique gifts and something that can disempower us.

This two-day workshop takes you through a powerful, step-by-step process to uncover your core paradigm and recognise how it operates in your life.  You are empowered to gain pivotal awareness and, thus, greater choice in how you respond to life events.  You learn new ways to appreciate yourself and increase your self-confidence.  By understanding more about your core values and needs, you can find ways to enrich your life and enhance your unique gifts.

Pivot your paradigm and empower your life.

All materials provided.  No pre-requisite.

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Co-dependence is a term often used nowadays, to describe an enmeshed way of relating with others.  The basis of this type of enmeshment is a lack of relationship with oneself.  The longest relationship you will have in this life is with yourself - if it is not a kind and loving one, this cannot help but create unfulfilling relationships with others.

When co-dependence influences our way of connecting, we can find ourselves feeling overly attached to, or separate from, the other people in our world.  We can feel either controlled or manipulated in our relationships but are unable to resist due to an over-dependence on attention or validation from others.  We might be so excessively preoccupied with the needs of others that it is to the detriment of our own needs – our behaviors, thoughts and feelings may go beyond acceptable kinds of self-sacrifice or caretaking.

Co-dependency can occur in any type of relationship: family, work, friendships, romantic, peer or community relationships.  It may be characterised by denial, low self-esteem, excessive compliance, or negative control patterns.

Unresolved patterns of codependency can lead to more serious problems like alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, sex addiction or other self-destructive and self-defeating behaviours. People with co-dependency are also: more likely to attract further abuse from aggressive individuals, are more likely to stay in stressful jobs or relationships, are less likely to seek medical attention when needed and are less likely to get promotions in the workplace. They tend to earn less money than those without codependency patterns.

In this two-day workshop learn more about co-dependence, how it has been created and how it operates in your life.  Through experiential processes, you learn strategies to create more effective boundaries that improve your relationship with yourself - so that your connections with others meet your needs more effectively.

Step out of the Dance of Co-dependence.

All materials provided.  No pre-requisite.

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We are all constantly looking for answers to our incessant questions, or for solutions to those problems and unexpected challenges that keep cropping up in life.  We can seek for them from others, but will only ever receive their answers, specific only to their lives.  You need to get the answers from inside your own experience for your own life.  You have that inner wisdom and intuition.   You are constantly receiving messages, through all five of your senses.  Your brain processes these millions of bytes of information and, together with your stored resources, strengths and many years of gathered information, offers you sixth sense or intuitive messages.  Why do we ignore them? Because we don’t trust them or ourselves, we do not like what we are being told or we fear taking the required action.  We need to learn how to tune in to listen to these whispers. 

As we fine-tune our connection with our own inner wisdom and guidance, we become more open to receiving the whispers as messages and signs from our Higher Source of Wisdom – often referred to as God, The Universe, The Angels or our Higher Self.   When we listen to our wise whispers, we enjoy a greater sense of being in the flow of our lives - we either flow with our lives, navigating the waves of ups and downs, or we get rope burn from holding on too tightly.

I believe that every soul’s journey involves learning about love - every soul faces lessons in self-love and compassion, which act as the ballast to balance us on those waves.  As we learn more about loving ourselves, including our less-than-perfect bits we are finally able to let go of expecting the world to be perfect too.  This enhances our ability to experience love, compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, contentment, responsibility, harmony and a concern for others. 

Mindfulness and meditation are spiritual practices that can be experienced as beneficial, or even necessary, for human fulfillment without any supernatural interpretation or explanation. Spirituality, in this context, may consist of nurturing thoughts, emotions, words and actions that are in harmony with a belief that everything in the Universe is mutually dependent. This stance has much in common with some versions of Buddhist spirituality.

This one-day workshop assists you to improve your intuition and connect with a higher level of guidance. Enhance your life by learning how to easily and effectively use the practice of mindfulness in your life, to decrease stress and re-program your brain.

Tune into your Wise Whispers.

All materials provided.  No pre-requisites.

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This one-day workshop assists you in learning more about spirituality and to discover more about your own soul’s journey.  Learn about reincarnation and explore your own past life memories.  Within the power of a group, you will be taken through process-driven exercises to connect you with your soul purpose, experience past life regression and deepen your connection with your Spirit Guide.

Enhance your spirituality – power up your purpose.

All materials provided.  No pre-requisites.

For all enquiries and bookings Contact Sophie


This one-day workshop helps you explore and identify your core beliefs and values.  Undertake written exercises, powerful meditations and experiential processes to uncover the hierarchy of your important values.  Evaluate your life to see where you adhere to, or deny, those values.  Be taken through unconscious mind exercises that powerfully support your to reach for your dream life.  Complete the day by creating a decorated journal or notebook, with the first baby step actions written in.

Validate your values – live your dreams.

All materials provided. No pre-requisite.

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A one-day workshop to identify the areas of your life which need effective change, in order for you to live the life you love. Enhance the awareness of your dreams and intentions, and experience powerful processes to create inspiring goals that transform your life. Deepen those intentions by clarifying the steps, and supports, you need to put in place to happily and easily achieve them. Complete the day by creating your own Vision Board. Vision Boards help to integrate and reprogram the conscious and unconscious minds, to produce the powerful results you desire.

Grasp your goals – transform your life.

All materials provided.  Pre-requisite is Reflections Level 2.

For all enquiries and bookings Contact Sophie

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