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Psychotherapy and counselling can help with many concerns including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship & intimacy issues
  • Addiction & Dependency
  • Grief and loss
  • Parenting & family system
  • Life transitions and changes
  • Anger management
  • Difficulties caused by trauma and abuse
  • Work and career stresses
  • Spiritual connection and sense of purpose
  • Self-esteem & acceptance

Therapy can help you to feel that YOU are in control of your feelings rather than them being in control of you. It can help you develop personal resilience and find more effective ways of putting your new insights into appropriate action.

I can support you to safely explore areas you may have previously found challenging to reveal openly.  You will be heard, supported and guided to connect with your own inner resources and strengths.

As your therapist, I respect you as a unique individual with your own journey.  I accept you wherever you may be in your life.  We will work together to sharpen your awareness about the choices you are making in your life and how these are, or are not, working for you.

Psychotherapy is also called ‘depth therapy’.  Working together, I utilise a broad range of practices, techniques, theories and perspectives. It is a more long term, deeper process than counselling and focuses on the self - both what is conscious and unconsciously known.  Together we will discuss the timing of our regular sessions to ensure that you feel in control of deciding how frequently we meet. 

The pace at which you work depends on many factors, including the challenges you are currently facing and the depth at which you prefer to work.  I will guide you accordingly and we will work at a pace which is comfortable for, and always directed by, you.  This can range from a brief number of meetings, in order to resolve a current issue in your life, to a more consistent support to unravel and rebalance out-dated patterns.  

The obstacles which prevent you from resolving issues and moving on with your life need to be dismantled. With my professional support you can safely do this and reassemble the pieces into a more fulfilling YOU.

By gaining a greater awareness of your values, needs and feelings,psychotherapy assists you to discover a more authentic sense of yourself, with a much deeper level of self-acceptance. You can explore the underlying reasons for the conflicts, problems or particular issues you may face in your life.  This can involve delving into your history, including childhood and family experiences, to identify events which may have evoked patterns, beliefs or behavioural adaptations that no longer fit for you.  We will work together to gain greater understanding and insight into the core issues that may underlie persistent or recurring difficulties in your life. 

You will develop a greater conscious awareness of what was unconsciously creating barriers for you. You will learn better ways to cope with the stresses, challenges and choices in your life.

I’d like to help. 

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