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That thought kept running through my head for many years, as I stumbled through my teenage and University years.  The increasing intensity of it finally propelled me to seek help through therapy, to learn if there could be a better way for me. 

I couldn’t have imagined, in my early days of therapy, how much I could change the way I feel about myself or wholeheartedly enjoy my life.  

Or that all I learnt would also draw me to my life’s purpose – supporting others through therapy.  Without a doubt, I know that it did and for that I am eternally grateful.

I am passionate about supporting others to also make effective changes and create the life they desire and deserve.  I encourage clients to understand more about their needs and values; and discover their dreams.  I can support you to take action, however great or small, to live a better life. 

My own healing journey has continued for over 30 years; exploring many different ways for creating positive changes.   I have been committed to continuous training in a broad range of different therapeutic and personal growth models.  

Along the way, I became fascinated with the unconscious mind, - where old patterns and beliefs are hard-wired – as these can control behaviour and emotions in less than supportive ways.  To assist effective change, I incorporated various unconscious mind processes, including hypnotherapy, mindfulness, visualization, affirmations and spiritual regression work.  This has enabled me to make deeper and more enduring changes to my behaviour and feelings.

Therapy helped me to gain freedom from destructive patterns - such as struggles with bulimia and addiction – of using food and drugs to dull my pain.  I tried hard to help myself but was unable to make the changes I wanted and needed to make.  Whenever I did seek assistance from well-meaning friends and family, I ended up feeling confused by their conflicting views and advice. 

It finally made sense for me to work it out with an unbiased person who only had my best interests at heart.  I needed to have someone in my corner supporting me, so I couldn’t fail.  Someone who could shine a light which would help me get a clearer view and enable me to choose a better path for myself.

With my therapist’s support, I gained a much better understanding of myself and my needs.  I found ways to heal the past, and make the necessary changes, to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

I would like to also help you let go of having to be perfect.  You can stop making sure everyone else is happy, especially if it means that you aren’t.  You will learn how to communicate much more clearly and hold better boundaries which will improve your relationships dramatically.  By healing wounds from your past, and changing out-dated patterns, you become free to connect with yourself and your world in a more authentic and rewarding way.  You learn to love yourself, exactly as you are, at the same time as making effective changes in order to stop getting in your own way.  It is possible for you to stop depending on food, drugs, activities or even other people to cope with your feelings or to make you feel good about yourself.

My mission is to help others make positive changes, to heal their pain and create a life they love.  It is a pleasure to help them step more easily onto their paths and into their dreams.

If you feel the need for some caring, unbiased support to help you change and improve your life, I’d really like to assist you.  You deserve to feel better.  Let’s talk about your unique situation and work together to find out how to do just that.

Please don’t wait.  You don’t have to do it on your own.  Call me or email me today.

I am a registered Clinical Member of:

PACFA (Psychotherapy And Counselling Federation of Australia)  CM 20620

CAPA NSW (Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association)  CM 34546

AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association)  CM 0709339

NHRA (National Hypnotherapists’ Register of Australia)

NCAC (National Certified Addictions Counsellor)

Certified Life Between Life Practitioner (The Newton Institute, USA)

Workcover approved Counsellor (Australia)

Endorsed Psychotherapist for ASCA (Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse, Australia)

Preferred Provider for South Pacific Private, Sydney (addictions, anxiety and depression)


My qualifications include:

Bachelor of Science, Honours, Nutrition  (London University)

Grad Certificate of Group Analysis (IGA, London)

Grad Certificate of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (London)

Grad Diploma of Counselling (ACAP, Sydney)

Certificate of Gestalt Therapy (Sydney)

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Career Accelerators, Australia)

Advanced Eriksonian Hypnotherapy (McClendon &Assoc, Australia)

Certificates of Imagework and Visualisation, I & II (Dina Glouberman, UK & Greece)

Levels 1,2,3 Past Life Regression Therapy (IARRT, America)

Certified Life Between Life Therapist (TNI, America)

Certified Life Coach (Results, Sydney)

Family Therapy (Pia Melody, America and Sydney)

Solution Focused Therapy & Hypnotherapy (Bill O’Hanlon, Sydney)

Life Management Program (Ernie Larsen, AICA, Sydney)

Yalom Group Therapy (AICA, Sydney)

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