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Sophie Lippell - Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Here are my answers to those questions.  I hope you enjoy getting to know me a bit more……

I AM a woman in my early fifties, originally from the UK, who has been happily settled in Australia for nearly 20 years. I am constantly grateful for my life and I am continually exploring ways to enhance it. This photo represents important parts of me - I love nature and, particularly, baby animals; I love lots of colours and I also love being connected with others, particularly to help them grow. 

THE MAIN THING ABOUT ME IS that I believe everything happens exactly as it is meant to.  I trust the process of life, often without fully understanding what’s happening until later, so I can more easily navigate life’s ups and downs.  

I ALWAYS want to be the first one to read the Sunday papers.  It would be even better for me if they were ironed before they got to me!  Clearly this comes from being the youngest of six children and suffering all those hand-me-downs.  Now, when I launch into a pristine newspaper, it is SUCH a gratifying indulgence for me! 

I FEEL MOST LIKE ME WHEN I am feeling fully connected with others, in the moment. 

I BELIEVE IN the existence of a power higher than ourselves, which connects us all.  This power guides and supports us on our soul journeys so we can learn, grow and heal in ways we pre-committed to in this lifetime. 
ONE THING I WANT TO ACCOMPLISH IS to write my memoir, on behalf of my little girl self, who managed to survive and make positive changes to reach worthwhile outcomes.  

I FEEL GOOD WHEN I REMEMBER summers spent in Cornwall, sharing a room with my three sisters. Every morning my father took all the children for an ocean swim and a jog home, singing in unison, before we stuffed my mother’s wonderful, cooked breakfast.

MY FAVOURITE PASTIME IS  reading.  It has most often offered me the PERFECT form of escape, as well as an enjoyable expansion of my mind and my imagination.  

MY CHILD WITHIN IS soooooo much safer and feels more loved than I ever believed I was as a young child.  There were some wonderful things in my childhood, which have formed part of who I am today, as well as some events which more negatively impacted me. All of which I am truly grateful for today, because I love all of me!

ONE THING I’D LIKE TO CHANGE ABOUT MYSELF IS to remove the remaining self-doubt I have about my writing skills.  I have always loved expressing myself through writing but have mainly kept it fairly private. I have worked hard, and dedicated a lot of time, to dissipate a considerable amount of self-doubt - in various different areas of my life - and writing still feels like something vulnerable to explore and expose. 

I’m wishing you a Brighter Future,
Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Success Coach

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